Supervision type WP Student name Topic
PhD WP1 FARHANI Nesrine Contribution of remote sensing and auxiliary variables in the study of the evolution of drought periods
Master Internship WP1 KANMEGNE MBAKAM Julien Establishment of reservoir typologies by processing time series of Sentinel-2 satellite images.
Master Internship WP1 LAHNIK Ouiaam Estimation of snow sublimation by Eddy covariance measurements on the Tazaghart plateau (High Atlas of Marrakech)
PhD WP1 MANUEL Quintanilla Innovative Remote Sensing Applications to Improve the Water Use Efficiency and the Agronomic Management of Almonds
PhD WP1 SOUISSI Najet Determination of the flowering dates of varieties of fruit species by multi-resolution satellite, optics and radar in semi-arid area (central Tunisia) and mapping of the impact of CC on their production


Supervision type WP Student name Topic
PhD WP2 OUAADI Nadia Contributions of high repeatability and high resolution radar data from the Sentinel-1 sensor for the characterization of the water status of agricultural areas in the southern Mediterranean regions.
PhD WP2 BOUIMOUAS Houssne Characterization and modeling of groundwater recharge processes in the foothills area, under semi-arid climate, using isotopic and hydrochemical tools (case of the Ourika basin, Tensift, central Morocco)
PhD WP2 CHAKIR Adnane Monitoring of tree crops by C-band and L-band radar remote sensing
PhD WP2 KHOUNI Mariem Influence of irrigation water salinity on the fate of pesticides in Mediterranean irrigated systems
PhD WP2 PAOLINI Giovanni Monitoring Irrigation at different spatial spatial scales through different methodologies
PhD WP2 RAFI Zoubair Detection and monitoring of the hydric functioning of a wheat crop in an environment


Supervision type WP Student name Topic
PhD WP3 EL FAREKH Jamal Evaluation of evapotranspiration in irrigated areas upstream of the Haouz plain: Use of the SAMIR model and micrometeorological measurements.
Master Internship WP3 HMAIED Asma Spatialization of hydraulic conductivity in the merguellil watershed for improved hydrological modelling
PhD WP3 LAHNIK Ouiaam Estimation of snow sublimation by Eddy covariance measurements and physical modeling on the Tazaghart plateau (High Atlas of Marrakech)
Post-doctorate WP3 MEJRI Emna Agro-hydrological modeling under the OpenFLUID platform for the integrated assessment of evaluation scenarios related to anthropogenic forcing and climate change
PhD WP3 MOUCHA Ahmed Implementation of the SIM chain on the Tensift watershed in Morocco
PhD WP3 MWANGI Samuel Accounting for directional effects in estimating evapotranspiration from Thermal InfraRed data for the TRISHNA mission
Master Internship WP3 OUKADDOUR Kaoutar Analysis and spatialization of evapotranspiration on the Haouz-Mejjat plain (Morocco) using the mET-weap tool
Post-doctorate WP3 SASSI Mohamed Zied Assessing water and energy tranfer in heterogeneous canopies throigh 1D vs pseudo-3D land Surface Modelling


Supervision type WP Student name Topic
PhD WP4 ELHOUSSAINE Bouras Crop water requirements in the Southern Mediterranean: seasonal forecasting of cereal yields and impact of global changes
PhD WP4 BEN ABDELGHAFFAR Aya Evaluation of the impact of global changes on the agro-hydrological response of the Lebna Cap-Bon watershed
PhD WP4 BENKIRANE Myriam Contribution of hydrological modeling to the understanding of extreme processes: flood forecasting at the level of five mountainous catchments of the Tensift (High Atlas, Morocco)
PhD WP4 DHOUIB Mariem Impacts of land use and climate on agronomic water efficiency in a small Mediterranean rainwater catchment area: modelling and scenario analysis
Master Internship WP4 ELMACHICHI Majda A comparative study of satellite-based rainfall estimation products for the Moroccan High Atlas
PhD WP4 GHARNOUKI Ines Evaluation and modeling of soil erosion under different conservation and cultural management practices in the merguellil basin
PhD WP4 OUKADDOUR Kaoutar Characterization and management of drought in Morocco: risk, vulnerability and adaptation measures